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SBT invites actors to audition for 1 available male role, 30's-40's,  in the upcoming remount of The Dating Project, by Austin's own playwright Max Langert.

Organized and proficient in her professional life, Tara is messy and lonely in her personal one. So she does what any good project manager would, and creates a detailed project plan to launch a stable relationship. When there’s a problem, she logs a bug. When there’s something missing, she creates a feature request. What could possibly go wrong?
Featured this summer, this play was a sold-out success at Hyde Park Theatre!
Character description:

Multiple comic roles ranging from potential leading man in a Rom-Com to an obnoxious jerk to a quirky oddball. Must be comedically versatile and able to switch characters quickly in terms of attitude and wardrobe change. This will be a fun piece with very quick scene changes.

$100 stipend available

Cold readings from the script
Saturday, November 19

11:00am - 1:00pm @ Hyde Park Theatre


Rehearsals begin Jan. 2023 with a very light schedule. 20-minute play; fun cast and script! Performance date TBD- slated for Feb. 8, 9, or 10.

Please email with your headshot/resume and to request a copy of script sides.
Thank you!

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