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SBT will participate in FronteraFest 2024 at Hyde Park Theatre!


They Eat Sunshine, Not Zebras

Seeking actors for a short, fun, darkly sarcastic and hilarious piece by Dara Murphy.

Seeking male, female identifying or nonbinary actors to play whacky characters- precisely- "snarky" blades of grass who get in a 'pickle' when a dandelion comes up in their midst. All actors encouraged to audition. The play runs about 25 minutes long; is fast and sharp; witty humor. 


Saturday, October 21: 


ZACH Scott North Campus

14010 US-183 Hwy Suite 540, Cedar Park, TX 78613

*All actors are asked to be at ZACH  Scott at 11:00am, as this will be group readings from the script. This is an ensemble piece. 

More auditions on Sunday, October 22 IF needed (same location)

5:00pm - 7:00pm

Tentative Rehearsal Schedule: Once per week in December: Starting December 7, 2023

January 6-21, 2024: Once/week

Jan. 22- Feb. 1: Twice/week*

(After 6:00pm M-F/ or Saturday morning - schedule to be finalized with all actors' conflicts)

Rehearsal Location(s) TBD within West and Central Austin.

Sign-up form HERE.

About the Play:

Nothing stands in the way of the green grass. Until they wake up one morning to see a yellow dandelion in their midst. A dandelion will turn their orderly way of life upside-down. A dandelion must be destroyed. Isn’t that what you do when something is different? All is fun and games with 'rejecting' the different, and the unknown (why is Sunny that "funny color," anyway?)  Until everyone gets run over by a lawn mower. :) 

Read the Script HERE. 

download (1).jpg

Summer Break Theatre Highlights:

  • First theatre company in Austin to center on supporting classroom teachers

  • First to feature an original play: Going the Distance (a play about teaching online, that was online) on a movie screen (Blue Starlite Drive-In) during 2020- height of Covid

  • Our Adult Prom raised $1,000+ and contributed a 1/3 for a teacher’s medical bills.   

  • We have begun to build our service fund for the "Classroom grant" for teachers - all thanks to our grassroots supporters and you!



Sponsor a Teacher: Amazon Gift Cards

Teachers-From now through May 22,  sign up for an Amazon gift card. (Limited quantity)- click on the card image. We will draw names next week!

Something for your classroom or just.. you, we got you. :)

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