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Join SBT, Cheri Coffee and Flowers, and My Sweetish Friend for a series of free movies this summer.

Fun for the Whole Family!

Donations raised will go directly to support the SBT August 2024 production, Blue Flamingo, directed by company member Yaakov Abrams, and to classroom teachers. 

Summer Break Theatre Highlights:

  • First theatre company in Austin to center on supporting classroom teachers

  • First to feature an original play: Going the Distance (a play about teaching online, that was online) on a movie screen (Blue Starlite Drive-In) during 2020- height of Covid

  • Our Adult Prom raised $1,000+ and contributed a 1/3 for a teacher’s medical bills.   

  • We have begun to build our service fund for the "Classroom grant" for teachers - all thanks to our grassroots supporters and you!



Sponsor a Teacher: Amazon Gift Cards

Teachers-From now through May 22,  sign up for an Amazon gift card. (Limited quantity)- click on the card image. We will draw names next week!

Something for your classroom or just.. you, we got you. :)

Listen to SBT on KUT's Arts Eclectic!
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