Born in The Classroom.

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Summer Break Theatre began as a simple focus: Teachers work hard, and we all know this. We can sometimes take for granted, however, how much time educators from all disciplines focus on others throughout the year – from their students, to school functions and responsibilities, add that to trying to balance family and friends and it can become challenging for educators to find a creative outlet for themselves. In the fall/spring of 2017-2018, a small group of Theatre Directors (and friends) began conversations with the goal to produce a play that consisted entirely of teachers in the cast/crew, since we had the time. From here, ideas were developed to form a collective, where all teachers were welcome to join in and express themselves creatively through performance. This company is not just for Theatre teachers! Any teachers can join us.


Teacher Confessions

Now accepting submissions for our premiere of Teacher Confessions! All submissions will be kept anonymous.  


Inspired from  such great productions as Austin Secrets, Bedtime Confessions, StoryCorps and more, Teacher Confessions celebrates teachers and "our secrets." We invite you to tell your stories. From funny, serious, poignant, or provocative, we will welcome those serious, absurd, comedic and even baffling confessions - we just want personal stories. We want YOUR confessions! We welcome both serious and lighthearted subjects, which will both treated with respect through our performance.


In this special one-night limited engagement, we will highlight YOU, the teacher, by performing selected confessions celebrating the personal experiences and powerful impact that you have in the classroom and beyond.

This will be a mixed-media performance of both on-screen and in person performers, with a limited audience to promote social distancing. All outside!

Expect a terrific night of diverse material!


One-night only: June 26, 8:00pm

This show will also serve as a fundraiser for SBT, to support future productions and our Teacher classroom fund; in which we provide support to teachers for their classrooms.


With special thanks to our venue and in-kind sponsor: 

Waterloo Ice House


8600 Burnet Rd

Austin, TX 78757

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Let us tell your story