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Summer Break Theatre was formed in 2018 by a small group of Theatre educators with the goal to provide a creative outlet to teachers through the lens of performance. From here, ideas were developed to form a collective to foster creativity through events and performances for teachers.


Our mission:

Summer Break Theatre aims to engage in events that serve the overworked and under-resourced Austin area teaching community. Through productions and events that provide creative outlets and celebrate their work, SBT helps foster the mental health of teachers while raising funds that support them both inside and outside the classroom.

2 great causes,

2 ways to help:
24-hour "Arts are Elementary" drive - donate today!

BACK TO SCHOOL Gift cards for Teachers

See below for more!


The Arts are Elementary! Drive
sponsored by Austin Creative Alliance:

Aug. 9-10 only!

 This one-day event our community to support arts organizations working hard to spread the impact of the arts - and specifically education and the arts. And that’s us - SBT!

SBT is among select organizations participating in this unique event: Focusing on enhancing the lives of students and teachers both in the schools and throughout the city; through programming involving the disciplines of visual arts, dance, improvisational theater, filmmaking, and much more. 

Please consider making a donation to SBT, through Austin Creative Alliance. By making your donations during this 24 hour period, even as small as $10, you could help us receive matching donations; and possibly win bonuses of up to an additional $1,000!

Currently the City of Austin does not offer city funding to any new arts organizations until at least 2024. So, this sort of fundraising drive is vital to support our work and keep us going!



BACK to SCHOOL (for Teachers!)

Buy an Amazon gift card for a teacher today! 

Sign Up Below - and Thank You! 

How the "Back to School" Cause Works for Teachers:

The SIGN UP form is open from August 4 - August 20. You can sign up to buy 1 (or more) Amazon $25 gift cards. After the deadline, we will know how many donors have signed up, and we will put a call out for teachers to sign up for gift cards!


You will then be matched with a teacher to purchase them a gift card.  (You will need to enter their email address on Amazon as the recipient. Teachers are required to provide their email address when signing up).


*Gift cards vs. Teacher Wish Lists*: As educators ourselves, we know the amount of classroom resources teachers purchase- and are often not paid back. We also understand that donors may not always know where to find teachers' wish lists/or fulfill all of them. This option gives donors a chance to give back to ANY teacher at a reasonable amount, and teachers the flexibility to purchase what they need. SBT is proud to sponsor a portion of these gift cards.


Thank you for being a HERO to educators!

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